Do you have a global remote and need code to program the device or gadget in your home? I’ve got my Universal Remote Codes behind you. This site provides all the code for the global remote you need to program for any device. But first, you need to understand how global remotes work and the basic tips to keep in mind when using one.

Universal Remote is a remote that you can program for any device to control that device. Most devices come with remote control. Over time, the remote control that comes with the device may be spoiled or you may lose it. This is where the Global Remote comes in. Global remote control is so useful, you need codes to program every device.

All Universal Remote Codes List

Each brand has unique codes for each brand and you must program the device to a global remote. Global remote code is usually a 4 digit number, but some brands use a 3 digit code.

Global remote control can be used to program TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player, sound bars, projectors, cable box, electronic receivers, media box and home theater.

How to program Universal Remote for a device with code

The steps for programming a global remote for any device are the same. There are minor changes in some brands and devices.

Step 1: Find the code

You need a unique global remote code to be programmed remotely for any device. This is where the site comes in. You can easily find codes for hundreds of devices on this platform. All you have to do is use the Find Find option at the top right of this page. You can also see the categories described here to find codes to optimize your global distance for any device you want.

Step 2: Replace your device

Once you find the code here, the next step is to change your device. Make sure your device is plugged in properly. The On / Off (POWER) button is always visible in the body of most devices. Press the on / off button to hold the device and hold it for two seconds.

Step 3: Program your Universal Remote

Keep your global remote so you can go straight to the gadget you want to plan. If the remote is facing in the other direction it will not work properly. When you do, select the DVD or TV option. If you want to program your DVD player and you want to program the TV and click DVD on the TV.

Step 4: Enter the Universal Remote Code

The last step is to enter the code you got on the website. For most devices, the LED will flash once for each number you type in the key. When the keying in the code is complete, the LED will blink twice and turn off. Then the device runs automatically. For some devices, you may need to turn off the device using Global Remote Control. When this is done, you have successfully programmed your device to your global remote