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Dexter Limps Towards His End

For a TV show to be remembered as one of the greats, it’s increasingly important for it to end well. Unfortunately, while Breaking Bad is building to a thrilling finale, Dexter is limping listlessly towards his end. The eighth season of serial killing Miami action has…

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Manic Street Preachers – Rewind The Film – Review

Since their earliest days, Manic Street Preachers have excelled when it comes to writing affecting, melancholy songs, but they’ve never consistently managed to turn that into a great ‘mood’ album. Until now. This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours was their…

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Mark Lanegan – Imitations – Review

Some voices were just made for the Autumn. Frank Sinatra, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash are three great examples and Mark Lanegan‘s new album Imitations cements his place amongst them. The former Screaming Trees singer somehow remains a fairly hidden treasure despite years of fantastic solo…

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Soundgarden Manchester Apollo 13th September – Review

Soundgarden‘s triumphant return to the Manchester Apollo after almost exactly 17 years was very much a story of two bands. The first band were grunge superstars Soundgarden, two years on from their massive breakthroughalbum Superunknown and touring their new release Down…

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Why Do I Need to Renew My Texas License?

They said there were many of them in Texas, as well as fines for driving without a valid driver’s license. If the deadline is approaching, it is time to request an extension. Even if you do not use…

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