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The Dark Knight Rises Review (No Spoilers)

There’s so few times these days when you can go to the cinema and actually get a satisfying experience, whether it’s down to the endless adverts, the price of everything or relentless battery of dumb 3D epics. And…

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Competition – Win New Counting Crows Live Album

UK fans have had to wait four years to see Counting Crows on stage again, but they’ll hardly be complaining in 2013: to coincide with the much awaited tour, the San Francisco rockers are about to release their…

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How do successful films impact book sales?

It’s hardly a rare thing for a popular book to be turned into a movie. Movie adaptations of novels are popping all the time, which is hardly surprising if you consider some of successful movie franchises that have…

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Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 2 Episode 6 Review

Has there ever been a run of episodes of a TV show that have been quite so punishing (for viewers as well as characters) as this last half-season of Breaking Bad? If last week felt like the darkest we could go,…

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Dexter Limps Towards His End

For a TV show to be remembered as one of the greats, it’s increasingly important for it to end well. Unfortunately, while Breaking Bad is building to a thrilling finale, Dexter is limping listlessly towards his end. The eighth season of serial killing Miami action has…

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