There are a few things and features you can change after you install Cortana on your computer. Don’t forget to read through Taylor’s article on How to Install Cortana on Windows 10.

Cortana’s interface for understanding

By default, you can interact with Cortana by typing in the search window next to the Windows button. Once you start typing, you will see some icons along with your information panels on the left.

The Home button is already highlighted by the Home button. This is where you get the information.

At the top of the home button is the menu expansion button. Click it and the text under each one will be labeled clean.

Below is the Home Button Notebook. An important area that Cordana uses to manage information about you and the ways you want to communicate with Cordana is the notebook. We’ll hit the notebook soon.

There is a reminder section at the bottom of the notebook button. In this section you can set reminders and adjust reminders by person, place or time.

The last button is the comment button. If you need a development team feel free!

Using Cortana

After you first play Gordana you can see the notebook. There are several options you can configure based on the expectation that you will have to quit your new personal assistant.

Before going into our entertainment, at a very basic level, you can type in the search bar to use Gordana. You can ask questions like “What’s the weather like” or “How old is Bert Reynolds” – Gordana goes to the web and gets the answer for you. You can search for files locally and on your Windows account.

Let’s take a look at some of Cortana’s best features to make sure you benefit the most from your new assistant!

Start listening

Cordana can hear your voice using a built-in microphone or headset. To enable this option, go to Notebook and select Settings. From here, click on the slideshow to get money from “Hey Cortana”. You can only train for your answer koradana.

Customize the content that Cortana is looking for you

As you go through the notebook, you will notice that Gordana is a nice little hobby. You want to keep track of your preferences for dining venues, programs, finances, movies and more. Click to adjust each section, or you would like to point to this topic. These instructions are displayed on Gordana’s home page.

Cordana will let you know when to leave at the right time!

Your home and the first thing we need. Go to the notebook and click on me. Click Edit Favorites. Find the address you want by clicking the “+” sign. Give it a nickname, select a place, work or home and click Save. When both work and home are complete, go back to the notebook and click Get this time. Make sure the main “Traffic, Time and Route Notifications” setting is enabled. Check the “When I get home or home” box.

Tell Gardana to remind you

Once you have identified the voice, you can say “O Cortana”. You can easily add memories by saying “Hey Cortana – remind me to shower the baby at 7:45 pm tonight”. (See below) She responds to what she says and can attest by saying “yes” or “no”. As you get closer to time, you have a reminder. Cordana will remind you when you arrive and do something wherever you go. “Remind me to buy a new toothbrush when I get to Target”. Gordana returns with a list of nearby targets and she talks to you after you visit the place.